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04 Taper Reciprocating 1-File-System Rotary

  • Explore the canal by using #10, or #15 stainless steel files
  • Irrigate, then expand a glide by C-PATH FILE #
  • In the presence of an irrigant, initiateshaping procedures VTOP file.
  • Since most canals are between 9 and 15 mm in length, use a gentle inward motion, with short 1-2 mm amplitude strokes, until it does not easily progress anymore.
  • It is important to withdraw the primary v-TAPER ONE file every 3mms to romove the debris and inspect its cutting flutes. Irrigate, recapitulate with a #15 K File and irrigation gain.
  • Repeat Steps 4 and 5, two to three times until final working length has been achieved with the VTOP file.
  • Methods for confirming the finished shape may include : 1) Checking if the apical flutes of the file are loaded with dentin. Irrigate, recapitulate with a #15 K File and re-irrigate. 2) Gauge the size of the foramen with an ISO hand file that has the same diameter as the Primary VTOP file carried to working length. If the gauging hand file is snug at length, the preparation is finished. If the gauging file is loose at length, generally use a larger VTOP file to finish the preparation.

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