AF Rotary Files

AF Rotary File

Unique Designed 6-Files-System

Memory alloy + M-Phase Wire Tech

  • V-Taper GOLD files are compatible with all major rotary motors in the market.
  • Explore the canal by using #10 stainless steel hand files
  • Use SX to open canal , setup a straight path
  • Irrigate, then exand a glide path by PATH FILES #13, or #16, or #
  • Use S1 to prepare to 3mm or 4mm SHORTED than the working length. (even shorter)
  • Use S2 to prepare to working length
  • According to the preparation status, to choose use F1-F3 to prepare to working length

Evrytime you change file? Please ensure irrigate the root canal copiously and frequently with a lubricants, such as EDTA. (very important!!)


  • 6 Files System
    Shaping Files Made by M-Phase Tech Wire
    Finish Files Files Made by Advanced Memory Alloy Wire

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