C Path Files

C Path Files

Use C-Path file before AF Rotary or V Taper Files

  • Strength: square section and the very slight taper,
  • Only .02, ensuring great resistance to cyclic fatigue.
  • Flexibility: NITI alloy as well as an .02 taper
  • Safety: Gradual inctease in tip diameters that facilitates the progression of the files without the need for strong axial pressure which better maintains the original canal anatomy.
  • Efficiency: Four blades, which provide optimal cutting capability.
  • Simplicity of use: Reduces the instrumentation time needed


  • Greate Glide Path
  • Faster
  • More flexible
  • Prepare straight line acces to canal orifice
  • Explore the canal up to a #10 K file
  • Establish working length with an apex locator, alone or in combination with a radiograph. Confirm patency with a #10 K file and verify a smooth, reproducible glide path
  • Irrigate
  • Use C-Path file in one or more passes until the full working length is reached.

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