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Wakefield 2021 autumn and winter new Great interest Biochar Soil Conditioner - Premium Cu 7.5 1 Ft Bag

Wakefield Biochar Soil Conditioner - Premium - 1 Cu/Ft Bag (7.5


Wakefield Biochar Soil Conditioner - Premium - 1 Cu/Ft Bag (7.5


Product Description

Benefits Of Biochar

Wakefield BioChar Soil ConditionerWakefield BioChar Soil Conditioner

Wakefield BioChar Soil Conditioner - Better Soil. Better World.

What is Biochar? Wakefield Biochar is a premium quality soil conditioner that gives your plantings the best opportunity for success because it helps improve your soil for planting. Its physical properties are ideal for improving soil in many ways. And, as an added bonus biochar contributes to the reduction of greenhouse gases in our atmosphere by returning carbon to the soil. This is not a new product for your soil. It is actually a solution for growing plants that has been forgotten over the years. With a gentle nudge, we are happy to help remind the world of its benefits. Use biochar to improve the soil and establish long-term benefits to your plants, flower and lawn.

  • Improve Your Soil - Vegetables and flowers are bigger and more abundant. Encourages micro-organisms to thrive in your soil. Increases nitrogen and other important nutrients.
  • Water Retention - Retains water better than compost and peat moss
  • Absorbs Nitrogen and increases microbial activity
  • Reduces the need for chemical fertilizers and helps neutralize soil pH
  • Improves seed germination
  • Accelerates composting
  • Long-lasting love for your soil - Benefits the soil for 100's of years.
  • Reduces Global Warming - Returns carbon back to the soil that would've been released as CO2 into the atmosphere. This is called carbon sequestration.

What is Wakefield Biochar Soil Conditioner Made From?

Our biochar is made from soft pine wood and has not been mixed or blended with any other materials. Wakefield Biochar is made from a fast pyrolysis process with a consistent particle size of 1mm to 2mm.

How To Use Biochar

biochar lawncarebiochar lawncare

New plantings and prep for your garden soil

Apply biochar to approximately 10% of the soil. Mix well into the soil. You will see improved results if you combine it with natural soil mixes or compost.

  • 1 cu/ft bag is appropriate for an 8'x4' garden mixed into the top 4 inches.
  • Existing lawns, shrubs, trees and gardens
  • You can spread it over the ground and rake it in thoroughly.
  • 1 cu/ft bag = approximately 375 sq/ft

* Reapply each year for a few years to get the intended overall volume of biochar into the soil.

An alternative would be to apply a 50/50 mix of biochar and organic compost to the planting area. This new mix will work its way into the existing soil. Biochar is not intended to be used solely as a soil substitute.

Gardens and Flower Beds

The top 4"-6" of your raised bed garden is mixed with the Wakefield Biochar Soil Conditioner. A good estimate is that biochar makes up about 10% of the soil that is used for planting. The remaining depth of your raised bed should continue with compost and topsoil amendments. If the top 4 inches of your 4' x 8' raised bed garden needs to be mixed with biochar use one cubic foot bag.

Here's the math:

  • Top 4" of a 4'x8' raised bed: 10 2/3 cubic feet of soil
  • 10% of the soil should be biochar: 1.1 cubic feet of biochar
  • 1 cu/ft bag of Wakefield Biochar = a good mix for top 4" of raised bed garden


For seeding trays and pots the Biochar Soil Conditioner is designed to provide the best possible growing conditions for your seeds. Mix with the compost or potting mix in your pot. Potting mix amended with biochar increases aeration and the water that is available to the roots of your plants.


For existing lawns it is best used after aerating your lawn. You really need to get this stuff into the soil. It might want to rake it in and then water generously. For new lawns, mix the Biochar Soil Conditioner into the top 4-6" of soil and then apply grass seed. A 5% mix into the soil down to the root zone can be optimal. Gently rake and turn the seed into the soil so it is well covered. Watering and additional coverage with straw is best determined by your grass seed provider's instructions for best results.


Use in the area around the tree's root zone as best as possible. For seedlings you will want to consider the area the roots will grow into and for trees planted with the burlap bag and ball of roots make your hole considerably larger than the ball and fill with the mix.

How can you use a 1 cubic foot bag of Biochar?

One bag is best for 30-40 sq/ft of gardening mixed into the top 4"-6" deep. A good guideline is to make the biochar equal ~10% of the total soil content in the area of application. Consider using a bag in any of these projects:

  • 4’x8’ raised bed - Mix into the top 4" of soil.
  • Flower beds and bushes around the house
  • Patching the lawn that needs reseeding
  • Apply to the root area of a tree that you want to plant in the yard
  • Add to existing compost pile to speed up the composting process and reduce odors. It is an amazing filter!

How does it work for my yard or garden?

Biochar may look like charcoal but don't start dumping your fireplace ashes into your garden. The way it is manufactured creates a high carbon level and it is incredibly porous. All of those pours help retain water and provide a cozy home for micro-organisms to grow and survive off of the nutrients in the soil. Their interactions are a natural way to get nitrogen and other important elements back into the roots. As the bacteria thrive so does the natural processes that make your plants grow. Studies have also shown that the benefits of biochar also include reducing the possibility of disease in your soil.

About Wakefield Biochar

Wakefield BioChar strawberry gardenWakefield BioChar strawberry garden

When we talk about "Wakefield" the conversation quickly becomes about our customers. Wakefield Biochar as a company has the same ideals as you most likely subscribe. Essentially, Wakefield products are for someone who cares about the world and the people that make it great.

Wakefield is a company with pure love for growing great gardens, tending beautiful yards and making the world a better place. The whole concept of Better Soil. Better World. is directly in line with Wakefield's sensibility.

So, maybe you have a little bit of that 'Wakefield' swagger in you, too. Do you want to have a great garden and do you wish you could do just a little more for our environment? Do you love to watch the tomatoes grow on the vine and do you love to see the flowers bloom in the spring? Maybe the idea of "carbon sequestration" seems like a deep dive back into a high school science class you wish you could forget but you understand the basics of it - put biochar into the soil so we don't put carbon dioxide into the air. It's a win/win situation. Your backyard is gorgeous and your children's children's backyard gets a fighting chance, too. If what we just described matches you even a little bit then you definitely have that swagger.

Biochar is the ultimate Think Globally. Act Locally. movement. Please join us by finding the Wakefield inside of you.

Learn More About Biochar

biochar organic soil healthbiochar organic soil health

More About Biochar Benefits

  • Keeps the moisture in the soil longer with all of the pores built into the biochar structure.
  • The strength of the carbon keeps intact and gives your plants a fighting chance when the rain isn’t coming as often as you need it.
  • Soil moisture retention is increased up to 20 percent (Plant Available Water).
  • Biochar water holding capacity can range from 25% to 56% by volume.
  • Biochar mixed with peat has a similar water holding capacity as peat alone.
  • Peat with perlite is equivalent
  • A 15% v/v biochar mixture with peat has similar water holding capacity as pure peat and is considered a suitable application for a rooting medium in horticulture.

By weight, biochar is lighter.

  • 3 x than sand
  • 2.8 x than soil
  • 2.1 x than water


  • Compact soils will benefit from biochar’s porous structure.
  • It will increase water flow through the soil and allow for better root growth.
  • On a dry ash-free basis, high quality biochar is over 85 volume percent empty space.
  • CEC gets better over time.
  • Nutrients are not leached away.
  • Biochar’s carbon structure creates a perfect shelter for beneficial microbes to live and grow without being washed out or starved for nutrients.
  • Increased fertilizer efficiency by 10 to 60%
  • Stability - The carbon ring formations are stable. The carbon will not decompose. Affinity - The interior of the pores has a slight negative charge. The biochar will hold onto water and nutrients which will then be provided to the plants.


Stability - The carbon ring formations are stable.

  • Affinity - The interior of the pores has a slight negative charge. The biochar will hold onto water and nutrients which will then be provided to the plants.

The carbon will not decompose.

Lawn - grassLawn - grass

How Biochar Can Help Your Lawn

For Biochar to be most effective, it should be located in the root zone of the grass, which is only a few inches down and should also be thoroughly mixed with the soil to ensure that wind and water erosion isn't a risk. To do this aerate mechanically or use forks with tines to make 3"-4" holes and use a lawn fertilizer spreader or sprinkle in Biochar to fill the holes and the Biochar will spread out on its own. Another important factor to consider when applying Biochar is the one week minimum incubation period that must be done to allow the carbon to active within the Biochar, essentially giving the Biochar 'life'. Finding that the optimum growing conditions is using 5% by volume of Biochar is great for the consumer, as little will be needed and the results will be dramatic. By simply following directions on the Wakefield Biochar boxed products the lawncare provider can ensure the treatment of his or her lawn will be protected. Mix biochar into the soil with regular watering the lawn will have improved productivity and soil quality ensuring a thick, green, and rich lawn for years to come without having to apply more Biochar every year, as Biochar is a one time application with outstanding benefits.


The Difference Between Charcoal and Biochar

You will not get the same result if you just light up a bunch of shrubs in a trash can and spread the ashes onto your soil. We promise! There is a difference in how biochar is made. Biochar is made with agriculture in mind. You use biochar for improved growing conditions in your soil. It is specifically pyrolyzed (charred) to support the improvement of soil. The method is proven. One key point is the resulting carbon. Carbon storage is different between charring and burning. Burning is combustion. It is a reaction of combustible material in the presence of air (nitrogen and oxygen), but charring is a degradation of material due to heating in absence of oxygen. The products from burning and charring are also different. In a simple example, burning of plant matter produces carbon dioxide and water; whereas, charring is produces carbon (a complex form of carbon) and low molecular weight compounds (smoke). Burning returns carbon, as part of carbon dioxide (27%) gas to the atmosphere, however, charring returns carbon to the land as a solid, char. This explains why biochar is said to sequester capture carbon dioxide in form of char.

Wakefield Biochar Soil Conditioner - Premium - 1 Cu/Ft Bag (7.5

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